What Water Damage Does To Your Carpet Or Floor

Water Damage

Water damage can occur extremely quickly without you even noticing. It could be caused by a leak in your washing machine, leftover water from a thunderstorm, or even forgetting to turn off your faucet. Just like how you did not notice the cause of the water damage, you might wake up finding your floors soaked in water and water-logged. This can result in a great deal of hassle for you as the damaged floors and carpets might have to get cleaned and even replaced. Below are some effects of water damage on your carpet and floors, as well as some methods of mitigation.

Bad Odors Because of Mold Growth

Carpets are usually extremely absorbent to many materials and substances that might be harmful to our health. Mold spores can be easily trapped in the carpet fibers that are tracked in with people’s shoes. When there is water damage or a large-scale spillage on your carpet, the increased moisture in the carpet provides a very conducive environment for the mold to start growing. The mold can grow fairly quickly if no intervention takes place. There might also be a chance where dangerous molds start to grow in your carpet, and its harmful spores become airborne to harm the health of people in your home or facility. Furthermore, if mold is allowed to grow on your carpet or flooring, it might emit horrible odors that might deter your potential customers.

Minimizing Damage

It is extremely crucial to remove as much water and moisture from your carpets and floors as possible. In the case where outdoor humidity is low, you should consider opening your windows and doors so that your home or facility is more well ventilated and the moist air inside the room can be replaced by drier air from the outside. You should also utilize electric floor fans that can expedite the drying process. Additionally, you can also turn up the floor heating so that the water can evaporate faster.

Extensive Water Damage

If the water has already seeped into the floorboards, sometimes it can be difficult to handle by yourself. In this case, to maintain the longevity of your carpet, it would only be wise to hire professionals to clean and deodorize it.

Hardwood Floors

The moment you discover that there is water on your hardwood floors, do not hesitate to remove the water by using a mop or vacuum. If you are able to work fast enough, and prevent any water from being absorbed, your floor might not even suffer from any water damage. However, in some cases, if damage is too extensive, the entire floor might even have to be replaced.

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