Why Do We Need Rug Pads?

It should not be the case, but many people do not even think of buying a rug pad when they are purchasing a rug. Many people might even be clueless as to the functions of a rug pad in the first place. Even if individuals were to invest in a rug pad, they might not think that they need a rug pad for carpeted surfaces as they are usually used for tiled and wooden flooring.

Simply put, rug pads are suitable for every type of flooring. This is because no flooring should be deprived of the protection that a rug pad can offer. Rug pads essentially prevent wear and tear of flooring from the friction that might arise from a rug rubbing on the floor’s surface.

Prolonging the Quality of Your Rug

It is imperative that people start learning that rug pads are necessary to go along with any rug regardless of flooring. Rug pads help rugs last longer because of the protection they can offer. A rug pad forms a cushioned layer that separates the flooring from the rug. This ensures that there is less friction between the rug and the floor especially when the rug is walked on. How it works is that the fibers of the rug are protected and will not be crushed as badly when a rug pad is being utilized.

Furthermore, when using a rug pad over a carpeted surface, the rug pad will serve as a means of protection for the fibers in the rug and the carpet as well. This will help both the surfaces of the carpet and rug to maintain their quality for years to come.

Protection from Stains

A common problem that rug owners encounter is the transfer of dye from the rug to their carpets. This is especially so when the rugs in question are more colorful. If your rug happens to be of a lighter color, you might find that this problem is even more prevalent. This problem also extends to stains that can be transferred from rug to carpet, especially if the rug is not a firsthand one.

This problem can be easily avoided by using a rug pad. A rug pad is a worthy investment that can help you enjoy benefits that survive the test of time. Some people might underestimate exactly how useful rug pads are because they do not know that they are extremely reliable in maintaining the quality of different surfaces.

Helping your Rug Stay in Place

The safety implications of a rug cannot be simply ignored. It is common knowledge that a slippery rug, regardless of whether it is on a tiled, hardwood, or carpeted floor can become a dangerous hazard for people who walk on the rug. They might slip and seriously injure themselves just because you do not own a rug pad. A rug pad will ensure that the rug stays in place and unnecessary injuries can be avoided. Furthermore, it is much easier to do your vacuuming when the rug can stay in place. What are you waiting for? Contact a rug professional today to purchase a rug pad!


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