Do your rugs get dirty easily? Are you spending several hours a day vacuuming to remove ground-in dirt? Do you have a hard time cleaning up after spills? At Reilly’s Oriental Rug Cleaning, we have a solution for you! Our stainshield and deodorization services are designed to take care of all these problems in the most efficient way possible.

Understanding Stainshield and Deodorization

Stainshield is a product that creates non-stick invisible barriers that protect one’s carpets, rugs, and upholstery against regular stains spills, and soil. Made by the Teflon brand, stainshield is perfect for high traffic areas. By preventing dirt from adhering to your rug’s textile fibers and repelling liquids, rug and carpet owners will have an easier time performing routine cleaning and vacuuming tasks.

If an area rug is exposed to severe soiling conditions, it will usually be discarded. Oftentimes, the cost of restoring these damaged rugs is significantly higher than the cost of replacing it. If the rug has intrinsic and emotional value, one can choose to thoroughly clean and deodorize the rug instead.

At Reilly’s Oriental Rug Cleaning, we offer both of these services under one roof to provide exceptional convenience for our valued clients.

What are the Benefits of Stainshield and Deodorization Services?

In addition to making your rugs and carpets odor-free, these services will prevent dirt, dry soil, spilled liquids from working their way in. By doing this, your rugs, upholstery, and carpets will not experience premature wear and tear. Oils from the body, hair, grease, and cooking products will also be held at bay, meaning that they will not leave permanent marks on your rugs.

How Reilly’s Oriental Rug Cleaning Can Help

After cleaning your rugs, our team will complete the job with a coat of stainshield. A wide range of carpets, rugs, and upholstery are manufactured with a built-in layer of stainshield. Professional cleaning services tend to remove this initial layer of protection, and that’s why it needs to be replaced. Don’t worry though; there’s nothing you need to do. Simply leave these tasks to our stain shield and deodorization team!

Choose Reilly’s Oriental Rug Cleaning for Professional Stainshield and Deodorization Services

When you choose our professional stainshield and deodorization services, we can guarantee that your rugs can last longer between professional cleans and even retain that brand-new appearance. Reilly’s Oriental Rug Cleaning has been in business for more than 100 years and we can clean any type of rug for our clients. Whether you approach us as a homeowner or business owner, we have got you well-covered.

At Reilly’s Oriental Rug Cleaning, our family-owned business is comprised of highly trained and certified rug cleaning specialists. We had the privilege of serving many generations of families since our founding in 1918. In addition to having many years of the rug, carpet, and upholstery care experience, we have also successfully modernized our business by adopting the latest computerized technology and state-of-the-art cleaning facilities such as climate controlled dry rooms.

Are you interested in using Reilly’s Rug and Carpet Cleaning’s stainshield and deodorization services? Do not hesitate to call 201-445-0800 or email us at for more inquiries.