Top Tips To Fix An Unraveling Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs can be a stunning and remarkable addition to the furnishing of your house in order to complement the other fixtures. It is also an impressive example of skilled craftsmanship that really ties rooms together. They often require many hours of artisan work to create and are extremely beautiful once you can understand the effort that goes behind making each rug. Usually, the rugs are made up of different components. For example, the field, the warp and the fringe.

The main reason for an unraveling oriental rug is when the fringes go through wear and tear. Fringes can vary from being intentionally long and flamboyant to being so short that they almost seem like they are hidden. Essentially, the fringes are the threads that are left over after weaving the rug, where the tassel runs through from each end of the rug. This is like the base structure of the rug and to maintain the structural integrity of an unraveling oriental rug, repairs should be necessary.

Why Does the Fringe Unravel?

Since rugs are usually placed on the floor, they are always exposed to wear and tear. This can range all the way from food crumbs, water and harmful substances that are transported via our shoes and feet. All these things can dirty and potentially destroy the fringe of an authentic oriental rug. Rugs are often there for their aesthetic purposes. Therefore, if your oriental rug has started to unravel, or shows signs of disintegration, then there is a good chance that it requires quick action to repair.

How can an Unraveling Oriental Rug be Repaired?

Usually prevention is better than cure when it comes to unraveling oriental rugs. When you notice that the fringe comes undone or damaged, it is important that you send the rug for repair immediately. If you choose to ignore it, the exposed knots can result in a higher probability that your rug becomes unraveled. This would not only negatively affect the value of your rug, but it also puts your rug at the risk of permanent and irreversible damage.

However, sometimes it might be hard to ascertain whether the damage is indeed detrimental to your rug, or if it simply dirt. In many cases, after having the oriental rug professionally sanitized and inspected, people find that their rugs are still salvageable.

Leave the Repair to the Professionals

It is important to understand that if you were to repair your rug by yourself without any prior training or proper equipment, you might risk making matters worse. The rug experts usually have substantial knowledge about this matter and possess the necessary skills to untie and secure the rug before re-doing the fringe knots. The professional might use diverse stitching techniques that require years of training.

The main objective of sending your rug to a professional for repair is so that it can keep its aesthetic value. However, it is also crucial that the monetary value of an oriental rug is maintained. It is possible for professionals to carry out repairs regardless of the extent of damage, but it goes without saying that the repair process should be left in their good hands.


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