Keep Your luxury Vinyl Tiles Looking Brand New

One of the most popular floor surfaces that are being used these days is Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). These synthetic vinyl tiles are made to emulate natural surroundings and can be extremely beautiful. However, they have to look nice and clean in any building, otherwise you would be much better off installing a cheaper floor surface. Tiles often add to the aesthetic value of the place and can lead to customers’ or guests’ first impression of you or your facility. It is true that they can become dirty very easily but it is important that you put in the time and effort to keep them looking brand new.

Investing in Floor Care

In order to ensure that your tiles are free from unwanted materials and dirt that can enter your facility, be sure to install a scraping mat at the entrance of your building so that soil and other materials can be removed from people’s shoes. This would prevent your floor from becoming stained and dirty. It is also good to know that this is the cheapest and easiest method to mitigate dirty LVT problems and increasing the longevity of the floor surface.

Daily Maintenance

It is also very important that floors are cleaned and maintained daily. Treat your LVT like any other flooring and you will be fine. Just like you would do for other tiling, utilize dry sweeping and mopping methods so that they can look brand new. Note that you should only use cleaners with a pH of 7, or the more optimal neutral peroxide chemical cleaner. Generally, common sense should tell you that in the case of any spillage, the floors should be cleaned as soon as possible, in order to maintain the standards of the tiles, while reducing the chances of people slipping and falling.

Aggressive Cleaning

If you happen to have smooth LVT in your facility, you should invest in a rotary disk automatic scrubber that comes with a light scrub pad and the aforementioned neutral peroxide cleaner. The scrubber will serve as a means to remove any remaining dirt after sweeping and mopping.

Textured LVT Cleaning

Cleaning textured LVT surfaces is slightly different from the smooth surfaces. The rotary disk automatic scrubber should still be used. However, you should equip the scrubber with a light duty and all-purpose scrub brush. Similarly, you should also use a peroxide-based chemical cleaner for the scrubber. Textured LVT surfaces have to be maintained more thoroughly because it can lose its aesthetic appeal and refined look if it is not cleaned properly.

Should You Coat Your LVT?

Many LVT manufacturers believe in coating the tiles with some sort of protective finish. This helps to make the flooring appear glossy, while providing protection to its surface. Although there are benefits to coating your LVT, it might be hard to ensure that the finish can adhere to the tiles, and to strip the finish without damage being done to the LVT.

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