How NOT To Vacuum Your Carpets

Although it might be considered an annoying chore, people who own carpets do not have a choice but to vacuum their carpets in order to keep them clean. It is an activity that might be time consuming and troublesome, so in order to optimize the way that you use your vacuum cleaner, you have to understand the most effective way to utilize this machine. Below are some ways in which you should NOT vacuum your carpets.

Using Dirty Filters

It is imperative that you follow the instructions on the manual that comes with the vacuum cleaner. This is because in order to ensure that your vacuum cleaner is working at optimal efficiency, its filters need to be clean. Filters are the part of the vacuum cleaner that are used to store the dirt and dust which the vacuum cleaner has sucked in. Not cleaning out the filter every once in a while will make the machine work at a more inefficient rate, while raising the chances of the collected dirt to be spread around the house. This would be detrimental to the cleanliness of your house, waste your time in vacuuming, and also might act as a health hazard to the people living with you.

Reusing the Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Many people have tried to save on costs by reusing vacuum bags. Although the intentions of doing this might be good in the case where people are trying to be more environmentally friendly by reusing, vacuum bags should never be reused. Experts on vacuum cleaners warn that reusing these bags can also reduce the machine’s efficiency by half, while increasing the probability of your vacuum cleaner spoiling faster. This can be attributed to the fact that as the bag becomes more clogged, the vacuum receives less airflow, and the motor has to compensate by working harder.

Never Adjust the height Of Your Vacuum Cleaner

In this modern day and age where technology is so advanced, you would hardly find a vacuum cleaner that does not have the option of adjustable height. This is important because carpets are usually higher than the flooring. Some high-tech vacuum cleaners can do this automatically, but even if yours does not have this automatic function, it is only wise to adjust the height accordingly as it will allow you to improve the cleanliness of your house.

Overfilling Vacuum Cleaners that Don’t Have Bags

The fact that your vacuum cleaner is bagless does not mean that it can be filled all the way to the brim. Ensure that your vacuum is not filled up completely before removing the collected dirt so that the vacuum cleaner can perform at maximum efficiency and you also do not have to worry about dust spreading to the rest of your house.

Not Vacuuming Surfaces More Than Once

This might take up more of your time, but if you want to ensure that your carpeted surfaces are cleaned as thoroughly as can be, you should vacuum them more than once. Experts and manufacturers say that this is because the fibers in the carpet can become twisted in more than one direction. Therefore, going over the carpet twice or more can increase the probability of sucking up more dirt that is stuck in between these fibers.

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