Don’t Delay Water Damage Repair!

Have you encountered flooding in your home? There are several reasons why a home may be facing water damages. A burst pipe behind the kitchen cabinets, or the bathroom, possibly, could cause water damage in the tiles and grout in the bathroom, or in the ceiling if there were pipes there. It might be a dramatic flood due to heavy rains or other natural causes, sending water all through the house and causing serious damage to rooftops, walls, all the furniture in the house and more.

Or, it might even be something as simple and yet so dangerous as a leaky pipe that kept dripping and dripping unnoticed for months, because over time, mold and mildew would have certainly had the chance to grow, possibly causing health problems to your loved ones in the house. There are many reasons why you might encounter water damage, and equally as many reasons why you should address it as soon as you can.

Prevent The Damage From Spreading

If you see a water leak, say from a pipe or air-conditioning vent, don’t ignore it. It would only make the problem worse. Any leak, even the smallest one, is already a clear indication of a broken or disconnected pipe. If the leak is not so obvious, there are other signs to look out for, such as discoloration of tiles indicating water damage beneath the surface, or even hollow spots behind tiles due to improper construction work where water is set to pool.

These kinds of deteriorating or missing caulking and grout is a gateway for water to seep beneath the tiles, eventually loosening tiles over time, and by that stage you would have to replace the tile, or worse, an entire section of flooring, which can be extremely inconvenient and expensive.

Prevent Existing Damage From Worsening

If your carpet or furniture have been damaged by water, don’t take your time to get them dried and sanitized. The longer these waterlogged items are sitting around, the higher chance it has of growing mold and mildew very quickly. If there is a strong presence of mold and mildew in a room, it can cause health problems in people, and cause them to fall ill.

To prevent this, get your waterlogged or flood damaged items dried and sanitized immediately. If it seems too daunting a task to handle by yourself, you can call in a professional company able to treat items damaged by water.

Replace Damaged Items

For items truly damaged by water, it may be time to let them go. However, for carpets and rugs, you may yet have a chance of salvaging them. When a carpet or rug is damaged by water, the damage is actually usually to the padding, not the fibers themselves, as the water normally just passes through. Sometimes you will lift the carpet or rug up to see black or greenish spots on the bottom, or even patches. That is when you know you should either throw the rug away, or send it for professional rug padding replacement to prolong the lifespan of your beautiful rug.


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