What Makes Wall-To-Wall Carpeting A Good Option?

Carpets are an easy way to add a bit of flair to your home’s décor. Wall-to-wall carpets in particular have made a huge comeback lately, with beautiful new designs being released regularly. This mode of carpeting has a number of benefits to it, including giving a room a warm and cozy feeling, as well as providing the perfect ground for babies who have just started crawling or walking. Below are a few reasons why wall-to-wall carpeting is the better flooring option.

Makes the Room Look Bigger

Wall-to-wall carpeting gives a room the illusion of being bigger than it actually is. This is always a good thing if you have a small room but want to make it appear larger. Wall-to-wall carpeting accompanied by proper home décor and the right furniture arrangement will enable you to effectively maximize your space.

Easy to Maintain

Due to advancements in technology, carpet stain removal has become an easy task. In case you want to clean your carpet, you can do it yourself by following a simple vacuuming technique. Alternatively, you can hire the services of professional carpet cleaners who will remove even the toughest stains and make your carpet look new again.

Great Insulation Properties

Having a carpet can help lower your energy bill as well. This is because a wall-to-wall carpet acts as an insulator against heat or cold. During the cold season, carpets hold warmth and keep the room at a favorable temperature. Therefore, you will not have to resort to other costly ways to keep warm.


Installing a wall-to-wall carpet is cheaper compared to other flooring options like hardwood floors and tiles. This is because the carpet installation process requires less labor and there are many budget friendly options to choose from. In addition, carpet repair is often cheaper and faster compared to replacing tiles and hardwood floors.


Wall-to-wall carpeting offers a decent level of cushioning when one falls or slips. This type of carpeting is ideal for families with children or elderly individuals who are too weak to move properly and may be susceptible to falls and injuries. All in all, carpets minimize injuries that would otherwise be serious if they occurred on hardwood floors.

Sound Reduction

It is a requirement in many buildings that the tenants have wall-to-wall carpets in their apartments instead of hardwood floors. This is because carpets reduce the noise coming from different audio systems, as well as foot traffic in each house. Carpets with a good pad help reduce noise from foot traffic and the surrounding environment by absorbing the vibrations and preventing sound from being transmitted to the rooms below or above.

Covers Damaged Floors

Wall-to-wall carpeting is the best method of covering damaged floors and any other minor flooring issues like holes and cracks. Carpets needed for covering up these damages need to be thicker and fuller in order to hide the blemishes in a subtle manner.


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