Rugs In Good Condition Are Useful!

Rugs in good condition are beautiful additions to any living spaces. They are capable of transforming the whole appearance and ambience of a room. Regardless of whether you need to spruce up your living space or decorate a new home, a good rug can set the tone for any room or complement a decorating theme. Other than adding a new dimension of color and personality to a room, rugs also serve to showcase our personal style and design aesthetic.

It is no wonder that most people think of rugs as decorative pieces. The truth is that they are more than that. Rugs have many other practical uses. Let us explore these functions together!

Rugs act as Filters

Rugs are actually excellent traps for airborne contaminants and allergens such as pollen, dirt, dust and pet hair. When these contaminants land on your rug, they are stuck on the surface until you clean them up using a vacuum. By trapping these unwanted particles from the air, rugs improve the air quality in your home.

For that reason, it is important to vacuum your rugs frequently to prevent the accumulation and re-release of these contaminants into the air. As vacuuming only removes particles on the surface of the rug, it is also recommended to have your rugs professionally deep-cleaned about once a year.

Rugs Absorb Sound

Without rugs on your floor, every single sound in the room becomes amplified. The sound of footsteps, the click-clacking of your pet’s nails on the floor, your family members talking on the phone and the noise from your children’s video games would all be harder to ignore. Rugs make your home more peaceful by helping to absorb some of the day-to-day noises.

Rugs Protect your Floors

It is not uncommon to accidentally scratch up your beautiful floor. For example, a single hard scrape with your chair or coffee table is enough to leave a deep groove in your wood floor. Fortunately, rugs serve as wonderful protectors of our floors. They act as a barrier between your furniture and floor, preventing your gorgeous floors from sustaining any damage. They are particularly effective when paired with a rug pad to provide extra cushioning.

Rugs Anchor your Furniture

Have you ever experienced a time when you sat on a chair or sofa and it slid a few inches backwards? Rugs help to prevent that by anchoring your furniture to the floor. They provide extra friction that inhibits your furniture from shifting and sliding from their original positions when you use them. This not only makes your living space far more pleasant, it is also safer for you and your family.


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