Factors To Consider When Cleaning Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs are a beautiful addition to any room. The problem is that most of these rugs are one-of a-kind and are difficult to replace to its exact design. That’s why owners of these unique rugs need to be extra cautious with their care.

Here is a list of dos and don’ts to guide you in cleaning vintage rugs.

 1.Do get a rug pad.

Rug pads prevent rugs from slipping, wrinkling and bunching by keeping them firmly against the floor. This keeps the rug fibers from being stretched, preventing rolls from forming in the rug.

 2.Don’t get your wool rug wet.

The outer layer of wool strands repels water. However, the inner layer absorbs and retains water. Because of this, when rugs get wet, it is hard for them to dry out completely. This means that mildew and mold may develop on the rug.

 3.Don’t put plants on your rug.

Whenever you water the plants, the water may seep out from under the pot and soak into your rug. This will contribute to mold growth and rug rot.

 4.Don’t dry clean your wool rug.

Dry cleaners use solvents that will dry out the natural oils in the wool fibers of your rug. This makes the wool fibers brittle and weak.

 5.Don’t steam clean your wool rug.

The heat from the steam will damage the wool fibers of your rug.

 6.Don’t vacuum on a high-suction setting.

A high-suction setting will pull at the fibers of your rug, damaging it. To clean your rug, you can vacuum on a low-suction setting to remove dust and dirt.

 7.Don’t use a rotary vacuum.

A rotary vacuum pries into the fibers of the rug to loosen the dirt in it. Pulling on the rug fibers damages them, hence leading to increased shedding and shorten the lifespan of the rug. To effectively clean your rug, use a suction attachment and vacuum side-to-side instead of fringe-to-fringe. This ensures that the fringe finish remains intact.

How Often Should a Vintage Rug be Cleaned?

One of the benefits of vintage rugs, other than their appearance, is the fact that they are low maintenance. They only need to be vacuumed once or twice a month. The back of the rug only needs to be vacuumed once every few months.

Other than vacuuming, owners should rotate their rugs once or twice a year to ensure even wear. This is especially important if a part of the rug experiences higher usage. Rotating the rug will help it to maintain an even surface appearance.

Does Rug Material Matter in Cleaning?

The vacuuming process is the same for different rug materials. The difference only applies in spot cleaning. For wool rugs, use a formula of one part detergent to 100 parts water. For goat hair, cotton, and hemp rugs, a formula of two parts detergent to 100 parts water is more effective.

Is Professionally Cleaning Required?

If dust clouds appear when you beat your rug, it is a sign that the rug needs to be professionally cleaned. Otherwise, sending it for professional cleaning once every three to five years would suffice.


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