How To Protect Carpets During Holiday Parties

It’s that time of year again. Where did the summer go? Soon people’s minds will be turning to holiday parties and warm cozy moments with family and friends. Unfortunately for your rugs and carpets, disaster is right around the corner in part because of those holiday parties. With all of the drinking, celebratory eating, cheer, and merriment – especially the drinking – major stains can infiltrate your favorite rugs and carpeting. But, you could give your carpet in early Christmas present by using the tips listed below to protect carpets and rugs in your home.

Plans to Make before the Party

There a lot of plans that you want to start devising before party day arrives, but make sure you include your rugs and carpeting in those plans. A couple of days before the party, have a licensed professional clean your rugs and carpets. Yes, this gives your home a clean, presentable look for your company, but having your carpets cleaned also has a psychological basis. If your rugs and carpets are immaculate, your guests are more likely to try harder to avoid spills or dropping food.

Protective Covering

It wouldn’t hurt to make a small investment in some carpet covers or area rugs. The peace of mind that these carpet coverings will give you make them worth the cost. Unless someone is exceedingly careless, they can save your carpet.

Avoid Contact

If one particular carpet or rug is of major concern to you, discreetly block off that area and steer guests another way. If the rug can be moved, relocated to a different room for the party and lock the door. You can always tell your guests that you prefer they remove their shoes upon entry. This goes over okay with some people, but not others. But it’s your house, after all.

Where Can I Set My Drink?

Food and drink will end up on any surface if a guest does not find a table. That means carpets, rugs, furniture, etc. If you’re a little short on tables, run over to your nearest thrift store and pick up a couple. These tables can be set up in areas where people are most likely to congregate and have the sole purpose of being there for nothing more than setting down food and drinks.

Keep Watch!

Granted, you’ve got enough to do playing host or hostess. But you’re going to be moving your way around the room anyways, so while you’re doing it, gently persuade your guests to place their food and drinks in appropriate areas – particularly if they are already putting it somewhere it shouldn’t be. Grab a big garbage bag as the party starts to wind down and discard half-finished food, take half-filled drinks to the kitchen, etc. This will help avoid spills and stains.

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