Beware Of These Thanksgiving Meal Stains

My, how time flies. The holidays are upon us yet again. There will be family, friends, presents, parties, drinking, and more food than one should ever consume. Unfortunately, some of that food can take the Thanksgiving holiday (for example) and turn it upside down. No one is particularly thankful for Thanksgiving meal stains on rugs and in carpeting. Is there a way to rescue the holidays and your carpet from the stains that can result from food and drinks?

If you know ahead of time what stains are the worst, it may help you avert a holiday disaster – at least where carpet and rug stains are concerned. Let’s take a look at some of the worst offenders when it comes to foods that threaten to stain your floor coverings this holiday season.

(Remember that having your carpet treated with stain resistant products is a great way to start the holidays.)

Red, Red Wine

This may be the title of a song, but there’s nothing catchy or fun about red wine stains in your carpet. Similar to cranberry stains (see below). They pose serious issues for your rugs and carpet because they can leave permanent marks due to the fact that they are tannin based. First things first – you’ll want to blot up the stain immediately. It’s important that the absorbent pad or cloth you use is as clean, spotless, and white as possible. Be careful what kind of cleaning agents you use as well. Make sure they’re safe for your carpet.


As just suggested, the red wine and cranberry that you will enjoy during Thanksgiving dinner will not be enjoyed if it makes its way into your carpet. Indelible and unmistakable bright red stains will be left behind by these tannin-based substances, potentially ruining rugs and carpets. As soon as you possibly can, treat cranberry stains. If you don’t, the stain will be set into the fabric forever.


One of the most delicious parts of Thanksgiving is the dessert – pumpkin pie. As much as you may be looking forward to it, your carpets and rugs are not! The stains left behind by pumpkin can be fierce. If pumpkin pie is dropped onto your carpets, because it’s a solid, you want to scrape up as much as you can, right away. Only then, to avoid the stain spreading, should you apply your cleaning agent. Avoid at all costs forcing the stain deeper into the fibers of your rug or carpet by pushing it down into the floor covering with rubbing.


Gravy boats are nice, but they tend to drip. And what spills from these containers is a mixture of grease and protein. When it comes to removing gravy stains, the best way to deal with them is to use something that will remove grease stains. Here is one method:

  • In a cup, mix 1/4 cup of liquid dish soap and warm water.
  • While the mix is still warm, dip a cloth into it and, onto the grease stain, apply light pressure.
  • For about five minutes, let the solution work on the spill.
  • Now blot the stain using a clean cloth.

The sooner this process is executed, the better your results will likely be.


Butter may be better, but when it comes to your carpet, it can be a real problem. In most American households, you’ll find butter on the table, particularly during the holidays. As soon as possible, treat rug and carpet stains that are a result of dropped butter. The same solution that you used to clean up gravy will work best on spilled butter. Make sure that you rinse the area once it’s been cleaned in both cases.

If the holidays end up leaving your rug or carpet in messy disarray, call the experts at Riley’s Oriental Rug Cleaning. We can restore your beautiful floor covering so that it is once again something to be thankful for and proud of.


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