Reduce Allergic Reactions With Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

If you have a pet in the house, or keep your windows and doors open in the summer, over time there will be an accumulation of dust, dirt, pet dander and other microparticles that get lodged into the carpets in your home. Individuals with asthma are most likely to be affected by this as they are exceptionally susceptible to impurities in the air. Carpets are a large part of people’s everyday lives, homes and offices, and need to be cleaned in order to maintain the health and well-being of ourselves and our families. Cleaning carpets by yourself is a good way to maintain the cleanliness of your home, but when allergies are coming up even despite the cleaning, it’s time to get professional carpet cleaning to improve the quality of life for your self and your loved ones.

Causes For Allergies

People may have long term allergies or seasonal allergies. They may also have mild allergies that do not surface until they come into contact with a serious reaction, or strong allergies that show up the moment they breathe in dust. These are some reasons why people may get allergies:

  • Pet fur and dander
  • Dust and dirt from the everyday environment
  • Debris from nearby construction works
  • Summer pollen in the air


No matter the reason, these allergies mean a sensitivity to the environment and it is best to clean your home interior of dust to provide a clean and healthy space to live in. One great way to do that will be to get your carpets professionally cleaned.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

So how exactly does professional carpet cleaning help with the cleaning process? Here’s a step by step process of what happens when you send your capets to a professional cleaner.

  • Carpets will be inspected by professionals to determine the condition and what type of cleaning services are needed. At this stage it is also possible to identify repairs or other work needed on the carpets, should you opt for them. Most of the time, a regular clean is sufficient.
  • Carpets are put through a roll-a-jet machine to ensure a deeper, more thorough clean than can be done by human hands. Biodegradable cleaning solution is applied by a series of oscillating jets which flush out soil, with scrub rollers gently agitating the pile of the carpet to dislodge deeply embedded dirt and debris.
  • The carpet is rinsed in fresh water to remove the last of the dirt and cleaning solution. It then goes through a pressure roller to squeeze out the water.
  • The carpet is brought to a dry room where warm air is circulated to dry it. Temperature and humidity levels are also closely monitored to ensure carpets are dried properly.
  • After drying, carpets are vacuumed with a pile lifter to remove any lint and hair, as well as to restore the fluffy look of the carpet.
  • Once the cleaning is complete, carpets are rolled and wrapped in paper, ready for delivery or pickup.


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