Let’s Get To Know Carpet Deodorization

Sometimes your carpet can get bad odors from various sources. Some bad odors are caused by spilled food, vomit, mold, or pet urine. Accumulation of dust over time cause a musty odor, and if your house is humid, odors can also develop. If you have children who have allergies or are asthmatic, odors tend worsen the situation. More often than not, if you have a sentimental attachment to your rugs or carpets, you might decide to wash and deodorize it instead, no matter the cost.

What is Carpet Deodorization?

Carpet deodorization is the removal of odors at their source. If you have a pet, it is hard to escape pet urine on the carpet. If your house is humid or damp, the carpet becomes damp and if not taken care of, it becomes moldy and it is impossible get rid of the musty smell. After a carpet is cleaned and deodorized, it is wise to go a step further and have it protected from soaking in spilled food or liquids. This is done by using a product that creates a non-stick and invisible barrier that protects the carpet or rug from spills or dust. If your home has young children and pets, this is an important step in caring for your rugs and carpets. There are various benefits to be gained from deodorization:

Elimination of Odor Causing Bacteria

Bad odors are embarrassing, and when left too long, the source of the odor, such as food, liquid spills or pet urine might leave stains. When organic matter such as food decays, molecules break down and give off a bad smell. Carpet deodorization uses environmentally safe products that clean deep into the carpet or rug fiber and gets rid of the bad odors.

Provision of a healthy environment

Carpet deodorization especially benefits your health and that of your family, especially those with allergies or are asthmatic. If you breathe in dust or mold particles day in, day out, for a long time, it is bound to have long-lasting effects on your health. Having your carpet and rugs deodorized periodically saves you a lot of money in avoiding frequent hospital visits from allergic reactions.

When Is The Best Time To Deodorize?

The best time to deodorize your carpet after cleaning it. You can, however, do it on a regular basis if you have pets, young children, your house is damp, or you have asthmatic family members. Deodorizing does not have a limit to how many times you can do it. Getting a professional to deodorize the carpet ensures that the job is done properly, leaving your carpet smelling fresh and odor-free.

Contact Reilly’s Oriental Rug Cleaning

Getting your carpet deodorized properly is essential. For this reason, Reilly’s Oriental Rug Cleaning ensures you get the best deodorization services. We employ the services of professionally trained and certified carpet and rug cleaners. We use environmentally friendly products and the latest technology to deodorize your rugs and carpets. If you have any queries on deodorization, or for more information about our services contact us at 201-445-0800 or email us on Info@RugClean.net.




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