When Should You Get Rug Repair Or Restoration?

After having your rug for so long, especially when there is a lot of traffic in the area where it is located, you would definitely have to check at some point whether or not your rug needs to be sent for repairs. While some people may not bother to repair spoilt rugs and choose to throw them away, other rugs may be very expensive or have sentimental value, or indeed be the perfect rug for the space, and should be preserved at all costs. In this case, you would want to know how to notice if your rug is indeed in need of rug repair services. Here are several points you can look out for to help you identify if it is time to be calling up a professional rug restoration company.

If The Pile Changes Texture

Flattening or stiffness are telltale signs that your rug is no longer the lush surface it used to be. The rug can still be restored, however, so don’t let go of it just yet.

If You Notice Dry Rot, Moth Damage, Or Holes

Textiles made of cellulose fibers such as jute, flax, or cotton, tend to be susceptible to dry rot. Dry rot can occur over time in the presence of moisture that is not dried out completely. When this happens, the fibers gradually become weaker and weaker, and the fibers are degraded to lose its integrity and quality. If you notice dry rot, moth damage or any other holes, call up a restoration service to help.

If The Fringe Is Loose Or Worn Out

The fringe of your rug, if it has any, may be loose or seem like it is coming off the rug itself. Try not to simply pull it off, as we can fix the fringe back on with additional support to make sure it stays in place.

If The Rug Binding Shows Signs Of Wear

If you look beneath the rug and notice the binding seems to be pulling apart, do not fret or throw it away! This issue is easily fixed by professionals, who will sew over the binding in the exact same pattern it was originally done, so that the restoration looks seamless.

If You Have Animals

Animals can be the best gift to us humans, but they can also bring trouble! Animals love to scratch rugs, chew them, or rub against them as they play, leaving worn spots or holes in the rug. Sending the rug for professional rug restoration can help you bring your beautiful back to life.

If Your Rug Doesn’t Fit Your New Space

Some people may not realize that you can get your rug modified to fit a new space. Say you are moving, and you need your rug to be smaller in size. Professionals can help you to cut your rug down to a size that is more suitable for your new space.


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