5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Ceramic Tiles Clean

Ceramic tiles are well-loved for their durability, versatility, and elegance. They are easy to maintain and suitable for multiple applications. They are commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, or countertops. Ceramic tiles are often installed because of their beauty and functionality. For example, they are perfect for homeowners who need a flooring option that requires minimal maintenance and is resistant to common types of floor damages such as water damage. If you are satisfied owner of ceramic tiles, here are several ways to keep your tiles clean:

Clean any Spillage Immediately

While ceramic tiles are durable, they are not immune to staining. If you spilled liquids such as coffee, wine, or juice on a ceramic tile floor, you have to mop it up immediately otherwise it will leave a stain. Clear liquids have the same power to stain if not wiped immediately as they tend to blend with dirt and debris. Instead of trying to scrub the stain later and failing at it, it is better to do it immediately and save yourself from unnecessary headaches later on.

Use a Microfiber Mop

While cleaning your ceramic tiles, ensure you use a microfiber mop, which effectively traps all the dirt. A normal mop tends to push the dirt into the grout groves and is a sure way of staining the floor. A traditional mop also leaves behind a lot of fiber residues, which may cause the floor to look dull. A microfiber mop cleans thoroughly and leaves the floor clean and shiny.

Use a Swiffer

When you sweep ceramic tiles with a broom, the dust can easily scatter across the area. A swiffer features damp cloths that trap the dust, making it easier for you to pick up the dirt off the floor. You should never scrub the tiles with harsh abrasives as they tend to damage them and remove their luster.

Clean the Grout with Steam

Grout is used to seal the space between the tiles, to keep water out, and to give the tiles a clean and finished look. Grout lines that are dirty make your floors look even dirtier, no matter how much you wash them. You should never use acidic solutions like peroxide or vinegar to clean the grout as they damage it. Once the grout is damaged, the cracks can trap water, which causes damaging effects.

Always use a cleaner that has been specially designed for grout cleaning. In addition, use a stiff brush to loosen the dirt, then use the cleaner to clean up the grout. You can also use a baking soda paste to clean the grout. Another effective way to clean grout is to use a steam cleaner. The steam cleaner dissolves all the dirt on the grout, which makes it easier to clean. If you have a hard time removing the stains, seek professional help.

Leave the Floor to Completely Dry

Before people knew better, they would often use wet mops to clean ceramic tiles. This practice, however, can trap dirt together, which then forms unsightly streaks and marks on the tiles. In addition, anyone who steps on the wet tiles can easily leave footprints. That’s why it is important to use as little water as possible so that the area can dry faster.


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