Whenever possible, it is always advisable to clean your carpet as opposed to replacing it after water damage. This not only allows you to save money, it is also good for the environment.

Contrary to popular belief, damage caused by water does not mark the end of life for your carpet. When you replace your carpet after water damage, you contribute to the build-up of waste in the environment. Even if the damage done to your carpet is extensive, you can still replace the padding of your carpet and continue using it for a long time. A reliable carpet cleaning and repair company can do that for you and restore your carpet in no time.

Cleaning Carpets after Damage by Water

If the exposure of your carpet to water was limited, a simple cleaning process should be able to restore it to its former glory. The cleaning process will be easy if the water that caused the damage was not from a contaminated source. However, even if the damage was caused by gray or black water, your carpet may still be salvageable if sanitization is included as part of the cleaning process.

Types of Carpet Water Damage

Clean water damage – If your carpet was splashed with clean water, it can easily be made usable again. Carpet cleaning experts can restore your carpet if it is damp from water spills or if the carpet was saturated from a clean water source. Clean water sources include drinkable water, water from broken pipes and water heaters, as well as overflow leaks from the kitchen, bathroom, and sinks. However, keep in mind that clean water can quickly turn into non-potable water if left exposed to contaminants such as soap particles, hairs, chemicals, metals, or cooking fat.

Gray water damage – It is still possible to salvage your carpet in the event of gray water damage. Gray water sources include clean water that has been resting for more than 48 hours, such as water from the dishwasher, washing machine or toilet. However, you have a limited time frame in which you can save your carpet. Once gray water turns into black water, pathogenic bacteria and fungi can make the carpet unusable, so be sure to get professional help quickly.

Replacing Carpet after Water Damage

Sometimes, it is not advisable to save your carpet after a water damage incident, such as when it has been contaminated by black water. Black water includes floodwaters from sewage, old gray water, and any water that has been in contact with fecal matter and other biological contaminants. It causes the growth of microscopic pathogens that can make it impossible to restore the carpet to its clean state.

In many cases, it is possible to replace your carpet after water damage. The key is to ensure that professionals do the cleaning and decontamination. Here at Reilly’s, we have the expertise, machines, and knowledge to offer all types of carpet cleaning services, including water damage cleaning. We also provide rug repair and restoration services to ensure that your product is restored to the condition it was before the water damage, or even better.