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Rug Cleaning Process


Why Reilly's?

Just about every carpet cleaner claims they can clean your area rugs. So what is the difference? The difference is not just our experience; it is also in our method. We are a fully automated rug cleaning plant. Set up to do one thing… clean area rugs. Utilizing our customized MOR Roll-a-Jet cleaning machine, we are able to clean every type of rug. Temperature, pressure, agitation can all be adjusted for each individual rug.


01 Rug inspection
Rugs are measured and carefully inspected when we receive them. This ensures the proper care for each individual rug.


05b Rug roll (2)
Rugs are now cleaned in our MOR Roll-a-Jet machine. Fringes are scrubbed by hand and soiled areas are pre-treated as they are fed into the machine.
05a Rug Return (1)
Biodegradable cleaning solution is applied to the rug by a series of oscillating jets which travel across the rug flushing out soil. Scrub rollers gently agitate the pile of the rug, removing deeply imbedded soils.
04 Rinse bed (1)
A fresh water rinse bath removes the loosened soil and cleaning solution remaining in the rug.
A belt conveyer system returns the rug back to the front of the machine to be inspected and repeat the process.
02 rug wash (1)
A pressure roller system removes any excess water, and the rug is now rolled to be hung in our climate controlled dryroom.

Dry Room

Warm air is circulated in the dry room where the rugs are hung to dry. Temperature and humidity are closely monitored to ensure proper drying.

Pile Lifting

After the rugs are dried, they are vacuumed with a pile lifter, removing any remaining lint or hair.


Colorful carpets
Rugs are now complete. They are now rolled up and paper wrapped ready for pick up or delivery.