Getting a quality rug can be an investment and a tricky affair. The right rug can beautifully transform your space, while the wrong one can make the room look awkward. Considering that a rug does not come cheap, choosing the right rug is critical. Here are a few tips to take into consideration when buying one:


Color is the most vital consideration. If your space is already bursting with patterns and colors, you might want to consider going for a plain colored rug. The rug should be a neutral color or one that complements the current furniture. If you wish to purchase a carpet with patterns in several shades, it would be easier to choose the rug first, and then add in coordinating furniture later.

A rug is a significant part of your furnishing, so you must ensure that you take into consideration the color of your floors, walls, and various fixed furnishings. You do not always have to play safe, though. A rug with bright colors or bold patterns can end up being what changes your space into something unique.


Most people overlook the texture when buying a rug. A space with a different mix of textures gives off a layered, luxurious, and cozy feel. To set this ambiance, pay attention to your rug texture. Your existing pieces of furniture should act as a guide if you want to create contrast. If your seats are made from soft fabric such as velvet, go for a smooth and hard texture such as sisal. If you own leather seats, a fluffier rug will complement them. You should also keep in mind the cleaning logistics and the other people living with you. If you have children or elderly family members with limited mobility, a shaggy or raised pile rug would be a bad idea due to tripping risks.


The size of the rug is probably the first thing anyone thinks about when buying a rug. Your carpet needs to fit your sitting area, and not necessarily the whole room. All your furniture should ideally be on the rug, although the front-legs-only rule is the best and the most common. When you are seated, your feet should be on the rug. If the rug is under your dining table, you still need to be able to pull back the chairs, yet always have them on the rug, not on the floor.

If the entire room is your seating area, think about your room orientation. A rectangular floor goes well with a rectangular rug while a square room looks good with a square or round shaped rug. A rug that does not follow the room orientation makes your space look awkward and makes the rug look out of place. The rug should seamlessly flow with the shape of the room to give it an attractive look.

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