Carpets are a worthy investment and therefore, proper care is necessary to maintain their beauty. The correct care and maintenance extends the life of your carpet and ensures it gives you maximum satisfaction and comfort. Carpet fibers reflect light and hide soil, a positive feature since the soil is not as visible as it would have been on smooth flooring. However, most people forget to regularly clean their carpets since the soiling is not as apparent. Soil can damage carpet fibers if it is not removed. For this reason, regular care and maintenance is needed to enhance your carpet’s appearance and life.

Vacuuming and Why It’s Important

Vacuuming is the most effective and easiest way to keep your carpet looking clean and brand new at all times. Regular vacuuming also has a huge impact on the air quality of your premises. It is recommended you vacuum the areas that experience the most traffic such as the stairs, hallways and entryways in your home. If you have pets, some areas may need to be vacuumed daily. Ideally, you should vacuum the high-traffic areas more than once a week and all the floor coverings at least weekly.

Look for a vacuum cleaner that generates less dust from it filters and effectively removes soil. Bits of natural fiber may also appear on the surface of your carpet but they can be removed with gentle vacuuming. Fluffing or shedding is common for all wool blend or wool pile carpets. Therefore, keep in mind that overly aggressive vacuum methods or improper maintenance can easily cause fuzzing and distort the carpet pile.

When vacuuming, do so in the opposite direction of the foot traffic pattern to prevent matting. To ensure the best cleaning results, check your vacuum periodically to make sure it is functioning properly.

Deep Cleaning- Why and When You Need It

Deep cleaning is necessary to remove embedded or stubborn soil. It is a restorative carpet care technique that should be done every 12 months before soiling shows. Letting soil sit on the carpet for too long shortens the carpet’s life and makes cleaning more difficult. Consider having certified cleaning professionals like the team at Reilly’s Oriental Rug Cleaning clean your carpet before the soiling starts to show. A cleaning representative will visit your home to inspect your carpet and advise you on the cleaning methods that will give the best results.

Cleaning Methods Commonly Used

Some of the usual cleaning methods include:

  • Dry Extraction (Polymer Compound Method)
  • Absorbent Pad (Bonnet) Method
  • Hot Water Extraction Method
  • Dry Foam Extraction Method

Spot Removal

For good reason, many dread spot cleaning. With the wrong products, it can end up being tedious and quite frustrating. For fast and effective spot and stain removal, here are some simple steps that you can follow:

  • Blot the liquids with an absorbent cloth until the area is dry. Do not scrub to avoid distorting the pile in the affected area.
  • Apply a small quantity of the cleaning solution to a white cloth and let it sit for 10 minutes. Afterwards, gently work the solution into the carpet from the edges of the spill to the center to prevent it from spreading.
  • Rinse the area with cold water and then blot it with a clean and dry cloth. Do this until all the solution is gone.

At Reilly’s Oriental Rug Cleaning, our professionals use high quality and non-invasive equipment to effectively clean your wall-to-wall carpets and rugs at the most competitive rates. Contact us at 201-445-0800 to find out more about our carpet cleaning services today!